The elephant clue that confirms Atlantis has been found.

Plato´s assertion that elephants were abundant on Atlantis has been cited by many as good reason why he was not talking about anywhere in Europe.They thought none existed there 12,000 years ago but analysis proves exactly the opposite. Elephants were still inhabiting many Mediterannean islands as well as south west Iberia at that time, although mostly of the pygmy variety. However, my theory includes northern Morocco as part of the original Atlantis homeland as well as south west Iberia. Parts of these two areas were only separated by a strait of Gibraltar that was even narrower than now and extended much further into the Atlantic, thus making crossing between the two very easy and inevitable. North Morocco was also very verdant then rendering it ideal for agriculture and the support of herds of large elephants. Indeed, even in Plato´s time elephants existd there and much later still were documented as being there by the Romans.

Plato would not have known about this vast combined productive plain which supported herds of this noble beast. Part of it extended almost unbroken from Iberia into Morocco before it became substantialy submerged thousands of years earlier. He must have received the information from another recorded source and does not smack of his own invention as it was correct.

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