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New Atlantis History channel documentary majors on the book.

I was approached in April to give an interview for a new documentary, “The hunt for Atlantis”, planned for the History channels. The producer had been alerted by one of the many favourable reviews followed by a visit to this website. I arranged for my publisher in America to send them a copy of the book and after reading it they became very enthusiastic.

A film crew flew over from Los Angeles at the end of May and we spent several days of intensive filming at sites I had recommended. The result was aired in America in late July and is now being rolled out in the UK and worldwide.

I am not entirely happy with it as although having about half the film, most of the vital important facts supporting my case have been left in the cutting room. I was also given the impression that I was taking part in a serious investigation about Atlantis but it appears the main agenda was aliens. The full title of the episode is  “In search of aliens. The hunt for Atlantis” Unfortunately the end of the film resembles sci-fi fantasy from a children ́s comic. But, I must not be churlish, I am very grateful to have my theories disseminated to a world­wide audience. You can watch it below and you will be able to see a little of Silves, the site indicated by Plato for the ancient capital, as well the great white stone egg.

In Search Of Aliens - S01E01 - The Hunt for... by Gogetassj415