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Discovery of wreck off Sicily with ingots of Orichalcum from Atlantis. Debunked.

Reports about the above discovery have appeared all over the internet and printed media. It is complete bunkum. How can they say it is Orichalcum when nobody knows what the composition of this mysterious metal was. Plato merely said it was mined on Atlantis and described it as being more precious then than anything but gold. There is nothing to tie the ingots or the wreck to Atlantis. Yet the gullible media pounce on any pronouncement about Atlantis if it appears to come from an official source or someone with Prof. or Dr. in front of their name, whilst ignoring serious research by “amateurs” that genuinely illuminate ancient mysteries. In my book, ATLANTIS and the Silver City, I identified where Plato was referring to for Atlantis, namely south west Iberia stretching in the Atlantic from Gibraltar to the south west tip of Portugal. The majority of the great plain he described, the main part of the homeland, now forms the seabed in front of this region. I also pointed out that the name Orichalcum most likely derived from the very old local language that was perpetuated by the ancient Conii population. Their word Ori meant gold and Calcos meant copper . So the very name obtained by Plato from the Egyptian records originated in south west Iberia as a combination of those two words and graphically described an alloy of gold and copper (The ingots from the wreck are not this combination.) It is logical that the name and metal originated in the same place. There is a lot more about this connection in the book. By Plato`s era the Conii language and alphabet were already very old indeed and many of their words found their way into Greek and Roman.