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New BBC2 series to confirm theories expressed in ATLANTIS and the Silver City.

A new BBC2 series on the Celts, planned for the autumn, seems set to bring wide attention to some groundbreaking theories that I also expounded in my book over two years ago.

I think there will be four documentaries in all which will attempt to cover the Celts history from their beginnings, onto their epic battles with the Romans and finally their dispersion today. The BBC were filming in the Algarve a few months ago for the coverage of the Celts early history. Professor John Koch, who heads the Celtic Studies Unit at Aberystwyth University in Wales, was interviewed at the Museu da Escrita do Sudoeste in the small Algarve town of Almodovar. In the book I referred to him and his conclusions, notably that this ancient local South West Script was connected to the Celts and Welsh, a controversial view I has already reached a long time ago during my own researches.

I was not aware until very recently that Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe, possibly Britain’s most celebrated archaeologist, also went into print at around the same time as my book was published, expressing the view that the Celts originated in south west and west Iberia. From there they spread north and east, rather than the long accepted dogma that they came west and south from central Europe. This is also exactly what I wrote.

Regarding the local script, I put forward much archaeological and historical evidence to prove that it preceded the Phoenician alphabet by as much as 9000 years, instead of the current academics view that it evolved from Phoenician around 800BC because about half the letters are common to both. Barry Cunliffe also wrote that he believed this local Algarve script dated as far back as 4000 to 5000 BC. So, we only disagree on the age, I think the evidence points to it existing as far as 10000 BC. The ancient Greek chronicler, Strabo, also recorded that the inhabitants of this coastal area from Cape St. Vincent to Gibraltar had records in writing dating to 6000 BC. I suspect Barry Cunliffe will also feature in the BBC series expressing his views and reasons for them.

It is gratifying that these chapters in the book are now being independently substantiated by such eminent scholars. What it all suggests is that along the coast of south west Iberia there once existed a civilisation advanced enough to have developed it’s own script between 8000 and 12000 years ago. These people were probably the ancestors of the Celtoi, Conii and Turditani tribes, all branches from the same trunk.

Plato, in his famous dialogues about Atlantis, made it clear the inhabitants had a script before they were all but obliterated around 9600 BC, My book sets out to prove that he was referring to south west Iberia and north Morocco and the large plains now submerged on the Atlantic seabed in front of both.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.