Interview on Capricorn Radio

Early June I recorded an interview with James Swagger on Capricorn Radio.

E A James wrote: “Here is the latest Capricorn Radio show with Peter Daughtrey talking about his book Atlantis and The Silver City, truly fascinating and by far the best book I have ever read on atlantis. This is a must read it has an excellent review by Graham Hancock

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  1. Allan Engleman

    There were 10 such “kingdoms”of Atlantis, the last one lasting approx 48,000 yrs. The Atlantians, later the Acraterians, had ALL the major mines tied-up. The Royal Copper mines of the Great Lakes, the South African mines dated circa 175,000 bce. The Romans re-mined Gold, in Portugal, same-o hydraulic method too-boot. Silva’s of the Silva’s of Rome (Vespasian’s Monkey of Masada fame), were from Silves, as was Chris Columbus later, Genaro is old Azore city that got confused with Genoa Italy, as all Azorians also are from Silves, which LOL Columbus re-discovered. Where Christ cast the Demons into Swine, the shores where Jonah was spit up, where Mary and James (Jacobites), and the rest of Christ’s Family fled, so did Alexander Helios, before they went to New World. IE: Illinois State has Egyptian artifacts,with Egyptian city names. Early Humans worked for them, but like Adam and Lilith and Eve all the way to Noah, and the Atlantians, all had webbed-fingers and toes. See Great flood now. Noah was parthenogenesis made. Like Mary and Christ. My Relatives, my fellow neo-Atlantians. Corpus Christi is on Turin Shroud. Like images on walls from A-Bombs, Hi-freq light caused a “POOF”, and bones are left. 20 grams of Electrons makes-up that Freq’s “Body”. USA made “treaty” with reptilians, as they all were bamboozled by power, there-by reneging on treaty with Spirituals, who expressly forbid reptilian/human contact. Those Who from the Heavens Came, are coming back soon. They made you Moderns with spirits,from Marguey cats (swing thru trees), pigskin, and OUR eyes. The “God-gene” is a switch, andl ooks like a guy/gal waving at ya.LOL really. I know, for I am Steward of the House of David. Lilith repaid, the older Brother has been repaid by little the Brother, and Christ can now sit upon Jacob’s Throne. So Be It, for all has been foreseen, although, and since everything is Mind, Freedom to Happen and Become is Granted. 2 things going on Physical and Spiritual, going two diif directions, as I see me in NOW and the Future comes to me, by you-all’s Imaginations. I see Beauty and Love.
    So keep-up the good work, now find the Ten, they like Minds, are all hooked together, like the Universal Internet. No UnCertainty allowed, so since you influence all you see and perceive, don’t be uncertain, but be certain and INFLUENCE THIS BITCH. Imagine and Influence your ass off. On long Now till NOW. Time is it? Up to NOW. Imaginate and Cogitate with Certainty.
    Alllan Engleman
    Skunk Works (ret)
    Fallon, Nevada


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