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Atlantis Found

Atlantis Found  – The Plato clues test.

Many historians have doubted whether Plato was telling the truth about Atlantis. The argument has raged back and forth for 2,400 years.

I decided that the only way to bring the debate to a head was to extract from his famous dialogues as many Atlantis clues as could possibly be verified today and then see if I could find the legendary land of Atlantis. I admit, having studied the subject of ancient civilisations as a hobby for over 50 years, I already had some ideas about where to look, but that did not deter me from examining other Atlantis sites suggested in over 2000 books.

I found that none passed the “Plato clues test”, most only agreed with a handful, so I turned to researching my own favoured site, South West Iberia. It passed with flying colours, matching all 60 of the clues to Atlantis I had isolated.

Now, professional examination of the seabed is needed to see if any remains of submerged cities can be found. Only then will we know if his basic story was correct.The very fact that “ATLANTIS and the Silver City” proves overwhelmingly that Plato was actually referring to a very specific region could be taken as the first affirmation that there is at least some truth in his story.

The site of the Atlantis Capital


Silves Distance HIGH RES

This is a photograph of the city that currently exists on the ancient site described by Plato.

It is exactly as he wrote: a small hill less than a kilometre wide on a small flat plain; backed by mountains to the north; connected to the sea by a 9.25 kilometre waterway. A castle and cathedral currently sit where once stood the temple and silver walled palace.

In all it matches 18 highly individualand exacting descriptions left us by Plato. It is virtually impossible to be coincidence.