There is a chapter in ATLANTIS and the Silver City that proposes a theory for the existence of pyramids in various forms all over the world. Another chapter addresses Plato´s assertion that the Atlantis empire stretched westwards across Atlantic Islands as far as America. Recent media coverage of archaeologist’s discoveries about a number of small pyramids on Pico Island in the Azores lends support to both these chapters.

Historians had previously maintained that these step pyramids were the result of the early Portuguese settlers clearing rocks from the land and stacking them into pyramids. The same is also claimed of completly unrelated Spainish immigrants, that they built the step pyramids on Gomera in the Canary Isles in th same way for the same reason. Why they had never done this back home in their different countries is not addressed. The whole notion is laughable nonsense. Why would farmers waste energy and precious time hauling large rocks up to the height of a three to four story building when it would have been much quicker and infinitely easier to have placed them at a low level as boundary walls round the fields as elewhere all over the Azores. They wanted to get on with job of providing for their families, not build pyramidic temples Afyter all, they were devout catholics. Plus, if they were just stacking the rock to clear the land, why go to the trouble of placing each rock to form the exacting shape of a precisely aligned step pyramid. This equaly applies to the ones on the Canaries where they have been built with flat sides facing outwards. (This was recorded by Thor Heyerdhal and an archaeologist he employd to help him examine them.)

Those media reports I mentioned at the begining related to Portuguese archaeolgists from Lisbon who had just spent some time exploring and assessing the ones on Pico and had pronounced that they predate the Portuguese discovery and settlement of the Azores by thousands of years. It supports the above analysis.

Within days of their anouncing this it was claimed that a large pyramid had been found submerged in shallow waters off another Azores island, Terceira.. This has been checked by the Portuguese navy and they report it is the top of a mountain, according to a survey they did a while ago.

The archaeologist’s claims about the pyramids on Pico however will inevitably lead to speculation that the Azores are the remnants of Atlantis. In fact they probably are, as are the Canaries,but only in the sense they were part of the Island Empire decribed by Plato .Civilisation could well have lingered there long after the loss of the homeland back in south west Iberia..

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