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Atlantis City
ATLANTIS and the Silver City


Where is Atlantis? Atlantis, that great lost civilisation, had been under our noses all along.

It was finally revealed on March13th, 2013 when the hard back edition of the book "ATLANTIS and the Silver City" was released in the USA and Canada (See bottom right). The UK paperback and ebook were published on April 29th (See top right)

The works of Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, are the only source of detailed information we have ever had about Atlantis and the author first isolated 60 clues from these that could still possibly be verified today. He then embarked on an epic historical detective odyssey that was to last for two decades.

One by one the clues were matched and the Atlantis homeland so vividly described by Plato was at last pin-pointed beyond dispute. Incredibly, the location of the once glittering capital city was also discovered. You can walk the medieval streets that exist on the site today. Eighteen very precise clues are duplicated for it. They include the exact distance to the sea by a waterway connection; the size and surroundings of the hill it occupied; the red, black and white stone it was built from, all quarried on the same small site and even the remnants of the surrounding embankments separated by sea-water.

It is an absolutely unique geological and geographical template unmatched in the rest of the world. You can see, feel and verify the evidence for yourself.

atlantis tsunami
The destruction
Proof that Atlantis could have been destroyed in a "day and night" of hugely powerfull earthquakes and towering tsunamis up to a hundred feet high. It was sitting right beside one of the World's most destructive fault lines.
The Empire
Plato was correct, the Island Empire existed. It is linked to discoveries of other ancient harbours and pyramids.
Are you related?
Circumstancial evidence is amassed for the very individual appearance of many of the ancient Atlanteans and where they went is traced. Could their blood be coursing through your veins?
atlantis_script (35K)
Did our alphabet originate with the Atlanteans?
Proof that the Phoenicians inherited and adapted an earlier alphabet that most likely came from Atantis. It was already at least 9000 years old when the Phoenician state was first formed.
The ancient universal symbol of creation
The discovery of a large white stone egg, found buried at great depth on a site overlooking the ancient capital's harbour. Carefully sculpted with an enigmatic carving resembling the DNA symbol and the 5000 year old Sumerian "Ningishzida". Is it the same white stone egg, the "Alatuir", referred to in the Slavic legend as being the centre of their religion in their submerged homeland in the great western ocean?
Atlantis, the origin of pyramids
An astounding but wholly plausable theory for the origins of all the pyramids that span the globe.
Plato's Description of Atlantis
Plato wrote that the capital was a small island surrounded by three rings of water and two of land, with a road access via bridges over the water direct to the city
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About the author Peter Daughtrey
His career has spanned fifty years in advertising, marketing, design and publishing. He has had many articles on history and tourism published in magazines.
The hardback edition published by Pegasus Books is available from bookshops and e retailers in the USA and Canada. An Ebook is available from Amazon.

The British paperback edition and ebook Published by Thistle Publishing is only available from Amazon.